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The Page1 Agency offers solutions in digital marketing, focusing on creation and optimization of websites, as well as management of social networks, visual identity and Google AdWords. A young, dynamic agency with a team able to meet all the demands and questions of our customers, and offer favorable results in all projects. A digital marketing agency must be constantly updated so that it can always insert its clients in the digital environment in the best possible way. We work for this constantly, always looking for innovations and practical and current digital solutions. Translated with (free version)
It is a set of skills executed to carry out promotional actions and attract new customers through the web environment. By this means, the company can create better relationships with its clients and better develop its brand, making it better known.
Whether you are a small or a big company, digital marketing helps you to spread your content through the online environment, where most of your audience is. The Internet in Brazil has had a very significant growth in recent years, allowing millions of Brazilians to stay connected daily and exposed to all kinds of information. With these statistics, it is visible how much investing in digital marketing is valuable and primordial for any brand. Translated with (free version)
Of Brazilians are connected daily
Brazilians are connected by cell phone
The company that uses digital marketing as a strategy to reach its target audience finds advantages:
Relationship with the public:
Digital marketing allows a much easier access between customer and company because of the amount of people connected daily on the internet, creating loyalty and interactivity between them. It is important to create good communication channels with your audience, to provide all the necessary service.
All in real time:
Creating campaigns that use marketing allows your company to monitor everything in real time. In addition, any information made available in the online environment is visible to a large amount of people in a short time, further increasing your brand awareness.
Less costs:
With digital marketing, your company will be able to run campaigns on the most varied platforms at a much reduced cost, unlike campaigns run offline. Your return will be much higher and the investment will be lower!
Audience segmentation:
Through digital marketing, your company can segment the consumer for a particular campaign, aiming to reach your target audience accurately. Segmentation can be done by gender, age, geolocation, preferences, tastes, and much more, besides targeting certain social networks, sites, portals, among others.
Measuring Results
All digital marketing channels provide tools for constantly updated metrics to demonstrate the results that your campaign will bring to your company.
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To provide excellence in results through visibility in the digital environment, continuously seeking innovative solutions.


To be the best agency in digital marketing strategies and solutions with an inspiring work environment.


- Honor of God. - Satisfaction of people, be it clients, employees, suppliers, or partners. - Search for excellence in the services provided.


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