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Each and every company needs to have its own graphic materials. They are the materialization of your brand’s visual identity. Their importance is extreme to keep in touch with clients, prospect new ones, be identified by your distributors, partners, etc. A company is much deeper than you think, it is not just an illustration or a typography. It has the responsibility to establish its presence in the market, and also to ensure the success of your business, always trying to stay ahead of the competition. In short, your brand needs to show its face to the world, so it needs to be publicized, recognized by customers and known by potential consumers, especially your target audience. One way to start doing this is through graphic design. This material will be your link to the market and its adjacencies. Translated with (free version)


Your connection with the market starts now. This is the first step in the disclosure and presentation of your brand. Here we elaborate several types of business cards, from the simplest to the most elaborate, and who chooses is you! We prioritize your wishes.


Perhaps one of the first forms of advertising ever invented. For mass distribution, the flyer or folder is still a good option. At Page1, graphic creation is directly linked to the needs of each client, thus maintaining our standard of quality.


Letterheads are another crucial item to strengthen your business. It can serve to maintain a certain standard in the documents and papers that will be printed in the company. It is very important in marking and controlling everything that has been produced within the company.

Say it’s done well, everyone says it. But that doesn’t always happen, does it? At Page1, our goal is to align our ideas with your goals, so that we can make your brand grow more and more. We seek to maintain our excellence in graphic materials in Curitiba, doing the best work possible. A company should never stop making connections. This is how it is established and strengthened over time. This is how it generates new business and attracts new customers. We are no different, we are an attuned and connected company. This is our way of being, and this is how we help our clients to maintain this connection with their public and market. Translated with (free version)


The icing on the cake is here. The market demands that we are fast, smart, and above all, different from our competitors. This is the only way your company will stand out in the sea of sameness. We are the ones who think outside the box. Quality, creativity, and efficiency.


The best way to publicize is to start with the basics. The best, the most creative, and the most differentiated graphic materials are made by Page1 Soluções Digitais. Because everything that is done with will and dedication is very well done. That is how we work here.


To impose themselves in and on the market. This is the goal that most companies aim to achieve one day. With our work, we will help your brand to get there, whether you are a small, medical, or large company. Here, size doesn't matter. Don't be shy, let Page help.


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