Brand Creation

Brand Creation

Before a brand can market its products, it must establish a corporate brand that defines the company and the expectations of consumers. At Page1, we work with the creation of your company’s brand, from the beginning, based on studies and great references. We know how to identify the client’s and/or company’s needs. We join our knowledge and graphic creation resources with your needs, resulting in success for your business. The company’s entire communication is based on this combination of graphic elements, called Brand Identity, which provides an exclusive recognition in the market. It is the gateway to your company, your personality, so that your brand is noticed by the public and differentiated from your competitors, gaining prominence and brand recall. The public must identify it immediately. Translated with (free version)


To stand out, you have to be different. To be different, changes and improvements are needed. Here at Page1 we work with all this in mind. Establishing a visual identity is a way to connect with the public and generate engagement between both.


The market demands originality. A well-designed visual identity creates a true "identity" in many operational aspects, including how it looks, how it acts, how it treats its employees, and how it conducts its business.


To generate brand recall, the creation needs to know the company's needs in depth and understand its objectives. In the construction of this identity, it is necessary to choose the color palette, fonts, and graphic elements that have the face of the company.

Every company needs to establish a relationship with its customers, no matter the industry, the size, or its history. This bond, to be formed, requires caution and agility at the same time. Since the customer is the one who will generate the sales of products/services, he cannot be just a supporting actor in the company’s script. Give him the role of protagonist. At Page1 Agency, we work to help build this brand x consumer relationship, starting with the visual identity. Then, we give continuity to this long process of connecting the company and the public, starting with the graphic part, creating cards, envelopes, letterhead, labels, uniforms, among others. Translated with (free version)


Everything changes. It is necessary to stay modern and very attentive to what is new in each client's market, so that your logo design is adequate. To give your brand a fresh face, we research references, trends, and analyze your competitors and audience.


Good content attracts attention. In order for it to be seen by more people, there is the possibility of boosting your brand's sales. This is called branding. It is through this study that we define the path to be taken so that we can build a good image of your company and bridge the gap between brand and audience. The more you impact the public, the more followers and sales.


You can't just apply your brand in any old way. The way to avoid this is to follow a manual, which Page will create, to help you apply your logo. You must follow guidelines for size, color, location, and other aspects for proper use.


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