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At Page1 Agency, we are committed to listen to the client and offer the appropriate service according to his/her needs. We work in the creation of websites for small, medium and large companies in Curitiba and other cities in Brazil, as well as for individuals who see the internet as an opportunity for big business. We always seek to update ourselves with the market trends and, for this, we use the WordPress platform as a method of creating websites. WordPress is a management system platform for all your online content that meets the requirements of major search engines. It is an easy-to-use tool that has a huge amount of features and functionalities, it is also a fully customized system, promotes greater agility, usability and stability in the projects created. Translated with (free version)


Here at Page, our work goes beyond design. That's why we offer training so that brands/companies get to know the WordPress platform better and can update their own site. This gives our customers more independence and freedom.


Our team is highly skilled in this area, combining creativity, professionalism, quality and innovations, to make your site unique and exclusive. Thus, we leave everything in a way that pleases the client, but keeping the functionalities of WordPress.


Here is more practical. We create your site according to your visual identity, so that the communication is unique and assertive. If you have any questions, we are available to help you in any way we can. We provide the convenience and satisfaction of our clients.

A website is a unique investment that can leverage your business considerably. The development is entirely focused on the client’s objectives, such as the promotion of your company on the internet, the exposure of products and services, among others. The advantages are countless and you can be sure that the results will come very quickly. Our professionals have a great differential of what is currently offered in the market when it comes to creating sites in Curitiba, we unite creativity, professionalism, quality and punctuality in delivery, so that all our clients are always satisfied and subsequently, indicate our services to other companies. Translated with (free version)


The advance of technology and mobility made it necessary for layouts to adapt to this reality. That is why, at Page1, we build responsive sites, that is, sites that can be viewed on all types of devices, whether they are computers, tablets, or smartphones.


One-page websites do not have internal pages, they do not allow much content, but with the same quality and effectiveness. The entire website is viewed by scrolling, offering more convenience to the visitor who will find everything he needs easily.


Smartphone fever continues and so we have to keep up with the platform. What a horrible thing when you want to open a website on your cell phone and it looks all weird! To prevent this from happening, we take great care to make it look perfect, also on the mobile version.


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