Social Network Management

Social Network Management

Today, about 90.8% of Brazilian Internet users access social networks on a daily basis. The growth of social networks makes companies find in this medium a good opportunity for success to expand their brand. Currently, 8 out of 10 Brazilian internet users are connected to Facebook, with approximately 90 million active users nationally. Social networks are also synonymous with credibility. Research shows that about 88% of people who buy a variety of products search the Internet before making their purchases. Using them is extremely important for the recognition of your company and can be a great growth strategy. At Page1 Agency we take care of your company online. We create pages and produce quality content, to interact with your target audience. Translated with (free version)


When we start planning, our goal is that it is made especially for your company, in a unique way. It needs to understand and meet your needs, increasing your reach, recognition, and creating the relationship of the brand with the public.


Our focus is to create quality and specific content for each client and social network, within their particularities. We define the line of content to be followed, including language, etc. Thus, we generate interaction and improve engagement.


At the end of every month, we send you a report that includes all the results obtained during that period. This way, you will be able to follow our work, and, through the metrics, verify the reach of the page, the engagement of the public, and more.

There are many advantages. Having your profile on the Internet will offer you more proximity to your customers, as well as attract new eyes to your business and gain even more visibility to the public. Besides providing more results and reach to your public, social networks also help with search engine optimization, bringing even more visibility and boosting connections. Through the networks, the brand is easily disseminated, due to the large amount of interaction and content propagation. Currently, there is a good variety of social networks with the most diverse peculiarities and that can fit the needs of your company. Translated with (free version)


With the increasing demands of consumers, it is impossible for a company today not to be present on the web. Social networks are also a platform that help win the trust of the target audience, bringing more security to convert into sales.


Good content gets attention. To get it seen by more people, there is the possibility of boosting a post, i.e. paying for more users to be impacted and able to view your posts. The more you impact your audience, the more followers and sales.


A company thrives on results, right? Social networks can massively leverage the sale of your product/service. Page1 is available, through the management of these networks, to work so that your company grows more and more and brings the expected results.


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