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If your goal is to expand your business even further, increase hits on your company’s website and expand sales, all in a fast way, the Page1 Agency can help you. We provide consultancy for sponsored links campaigns, which is the main advertising service offered by Google. When a user does a search in Google, he may notice that there are ads in the first positions and in the right corner of the page from several companies related to what he searched for. With the help of sponsored links for your brand, we can develop campaigns with ample potential reach on the Internet and increase your relevance so that you become more evident in search engines. The sponsored links are located in strategic places in the Google search engine, offering more visibility and directing visitors to your website. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


In AdWords campaigns, the goals are set according to your company's needs. For this, Google allows a segmentation of the campaign's target audience, thus making it more efficient. This ad will be in all digital platforms.


Here at Page1, we carefully manage your campaigns. This means measuring the results at the end of them. Google allows measurement by analyzing the amount of audience that viewed the campaign and the amount of clicks and/or hits obtained.


AdWords will provide a complete analysis of the campaign. This includes the sponsored links performance reports, giving you access to measure the traffic on your company's website, as well as showing the results of your store sales.

Page1 Agency follows the entire AdWords process and will certainly present you with satisfactory results, which will be converted into success for your company. We manage the whole system and present the monthly reports of search and reach of your campaign. Thus, we intensify the visibility of your brand to reach potential customers. You can create differentiated campaigns to meet all your demands, so that you can enhance your user experience and generate more results for your company. From your initial objectives, you can choose among these four types of campaigns, choosing the one that best fits your objectives. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


The search network allows your company to be found more easily, with segmented and targeted campaigns. The display search network allows your company to create campaigns that will appear on other sites, potentially bringing more customers to your website.


The Shopping option is exclusively for e-commerce. It allows your product to be visible on the Google search page when the customer tries to type a product in the search bar. Thus, you monitor the performance of your products during the entire campaign.


In this type of campaign, your company will be able to create a video that will automatically play before some video within YouTube, as well as in the ad block. Here you will have the option to target your campaigns by language, location, operating systems and others.


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